How to register your nickname with Freenode

Freenode is currently under an attack by spammers. To avoid this, we temporarily have to register your nickname before we can see anything you type.

This is how you register your nickname:

  1. Pick a nickname, and connect. Make sure you have a nickname that you can remember the next time you log in. If you want to change it after you have connected already, type /nick YourNewNickname
  2. Type /msg NickServ REGISTER YourPassword into the text box of the chat ā€” including the slash at the beginning, and replace the password and email address with something you select.
  3. Type /msg nickserv REGISTER YourNickName YourPassword
  4. You will get an Mail ,it will tell you the next step(command from IRC)
  5. your freenode is registered šŸ™‚

Every time you log in later, you will have to issue the command /msg nickserv register YourNickName YourPassword before we can see what you’re typing.


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